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There are three types of battles in RPG 2: Country Battles, Quest Battles, and Rebellion Battles.

UPDATED: Now there's Limited Battles and Duels as well.

Country Battles

Country Battles are done between two countries in order to attain territory. Country Battles have the following set parameters:


* Initiated by one country invading the other, lead by a Country Leader
* Each army uses eight units, of the Country Leader's choice
* Defending army gets the Country Advantage
* Both armies may use one key of their choosing, assuming they're in possession
* Three-day turn restriction: leaders who don't post their move within three days lose their turn
* Winner's Reward: Territory (if invading), +1000/+10 per turn bonus experience, +80 weapon experience, +6500 GP
* Loser's Reward: Loss of territory (if defending), +500/+10 per turn bonus experience, +40 weapon experience, +3250 GP, +whatever bonuses their Country Advantage may give them
* Only turns which include attacking and countering are counted for the above. Turns which only include moving and/or healing do not count.
* Additional treasure is given through villages, which is randomly determined by the Treasure Table
* Rewards are distributed at the Country Leader's discretion
* The maximum amount of units able to be deployed per side is either 8, or the maximum amount of units the defending side can deploy, which ever is lower
* A nation may request players from other nations to assist them in a Country vs Country battle, in terms of allowing their unit(s) to fight in the battle. Note that the defending nation accepting outside help adds to the amount of units the defending nation is able to deploy, and therefore the amount the attacking country is able to deploy

Quest Battles

Quest Battles are more random and require players to sign up for play. Their parameters are more loose.


* No territory is up for grabs
* Quest objective varies quest by quest
* Keys, and country advantages are not allowed to come into play
* Usually managed by one judge
* Maps may be custom
* No more than six players should be assigned to each quest
* No more than 9 total units
* Turn order based on order of sign-up
* One day turn restriction: be active! Players who don't post their move within twenty four hours miss their turn. For the love of god don't join quest battles if you can't be consistently active and don't have someone who can sub for you.
* Rewards vary, but the default reward for each partipating player is 50 experience, 5 weapon experience, and 250 GP x the number of units entered in that battle. Judges may hold back rewards if they deem it necessary.
* No more than 24 enemy units are allowed
* Determine enemy levels by average unit level

Rebellion battles will likely be the least popular type of battle. They only happen when country citizens rebel against their country leader. There are some regulations:


* Country Leader gets Country Advantage
* Each army may use one key in their possession
* Each army is allowed up to twelve units -- this is the only time when one army may possess units from another country on either side, if the players are willing to allow them to be used in battle
* The battle is always done in the country capital
* No chests, villages don't give items
* There are no battle rewards beside the right to the throne, even if the Country Advantage entails rewards normally. You gain what you earn during the battle.

Limited Battles

Limited battles take place when there is no defending force in a territory; meaning the country leader has abandoned his post without appointing a sufficient heir. Logically this would mean ambitious countries would be on the pieces of land like vultures, leading to a rare series of four-way battles.


* Initiated automatically when one country is abandoned without being legitimately conquered. An announcement will be posted announcing the massive free-for-all. May also be initiated when a country leader is inactive for more than a month and there's no player within the country who can take the reins.
* There's a limit of four competing countries per territory. First-come-first-served.
* The troops on the field still won't exceed 16. The armies send in 4 units instead of the typical 8.
* Logically, there are no Country Bonuses being applied. You only get these when you have the territory.
* Three-day turn restriction: leaders who don't post their move within three days lose their turn
* Since the war requires less participants per side and it's much more dependent on variables not entirely under your control, the rewards are cut accordingly. Winner's reward is the territory and 3250 GP, the losers get 1625 GP. No set experience reward. Each side gets an extra 10 experience / +1 weapon experience per hit, however, making it a stay-alive-as-long-as-you-can type of environment.
* Additional treasure is given through villages, which is randomly determined by the Treasure Table
* Rewards are distributed among their citizens at the Country Leader's discretion
* This is the only battle in which countries are entirely on their own; they may not ask for allies to help them
* Since there is no longer any leader to hold the key, the key will be rewarded to the country who conquers the most land. If there is a tie, a separate arena-style duel will be held between the leaders of the two competing countries. The victor will then be rewarded the key.

Whichever country the last unit on the field belongs to, wins the territory.


Duels are one-on-one battles between two units (usually surviving units or the leaders of two countries) used only to settle disputes which may take an unreasonable amount of squabbling and time to solve. They are to be used sparingly.


* May only be between two units. No healing allowed.
* Duels are honorable ways of settling things; if you agree to one, you may not go back on your word
* The judge must be neutral
* No experience is rewarded


Campaigns are a series of story-driven battles which have significance to the world of Jugdral. Campaigns are also the only battles which reward Prestige Points, which reflect your unit's personal standing in the world. Campaigns take longer than the average quest or country battle, but their rewards are multiplied by 1.5.

The thread may be started or interrupted by short "Roleplaying Sessions" to connect story dots and usually contain dialogue, but participation is optional for these parts (though highly recommended). These sessions will be considered a break from the grind and will last four days before battle automatically commences once again. Units may not do anything during this brief break and are still considered locked in the battle.

Occasionally these Roleplaying Sessions will contain a significant choice for your units to make. These choices will be highlighted by the judge, though the consequences of these choices will not be made clear until after they are made. There is no appointed leader in the party, so choices will be made by a majority vote. Should there be no clear answer, the unit highest level amongst those who participated in the Roleplaying Session will be the one who makes the ultimate choice. (Example: Sally, James, Rick, and Steve vote yes to give the beggar some money, while Jeremy, Moe, Wendy, and Paula vote not to -- Sally has the highest level so the answer the party will go with is hers -- in this case, yes they will give the beggar some money.)

Should there still be a conflict (there's a tie for highest unit level, and the units are on opposite sides of the issue), the official answer will be decided at random.


* Occur every four months. One occurs in the beginning of January, May, and October. These months are chosen because there's no holidays within them (with the exception of October's).
* Four - eight battles, with a variety of objectives. Characters will have their health fully restored at the start of a new battle by any present healer. If there is more than one healer on hand, the players can choose which healer gets the extra experience in healing them.
* Eight units may enter a campaign. Each player can only enter one unit, and this unit may not enter the arena or other battles as long as the campaign is in progress unless the unit drops out. KEEP THIS IN MIND.
* Players have two days to post their moves. If time expires, their turn is skipped. They can request others to move for them if they are unable to make the moves themselves.
* Reward: 750 GP, 75 bonus experience, 10 weapon experience, 5 prestige points for each successfully completed battle. In case of a loss, the rewards are halved (375:75:5:2). If the players lose, the campaign may end if there are no loss conditions.
* Prestige points can only be rewarded to the unit currently in the campaign, they may not be given to another unit or stored for future use. This does not apply to gold, bonus experience or weapon experience, which may be stored or used on other units.
* Dropping out of a campaign prematurely incurs a penalty: you may not enter the next campaign and you lose the experience that would come with the battle you were currently in (though we do not subtract experience already spent).
* Support rank gain doubled. In an eight battle campaign, you can garner a total of 16 support points (as opposed to the usual Cool, which makes most A ranks easier to achieve through this method. Support bonuses may apply during campaign battles.
* Village treasure is activated

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